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Author Allstars™ was created to give authors who are also speakers and coaches a platform to connect with event hosts and organizations looking for their next speaker. 

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Every weds, Taurea Vision Avant, highlights another one of our top authors/speakers. We get a chance to hear about their books and also how they are helping to change the world with their knowledge and experience. Check out the latest Wealthy Wednesday interview with one of our BPC Members!

Who is Taurea Vision Avant?

Taurea Vision Avant is a TEDX speaker with a computer science bachelors from Hampton University. Having been featured on ABC, Fox, CBS and more; she is also an author of more than 15+ books. In 2009 she founded Show Your Success where she has helped more than 5000+ speakers, coaches and network marketers to write books to grow their business. In 2019 she founded Book Profits Club™ with a vision to help teach more authors how to profits and then in 2021, she founded Author Allstars™ to help highlight more authors. 

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Our Speakers

Check out some of our amazing featured speakers! We also have a full directory of speakers as well that you can connect with as well. 

Daria Rosen

Meet Karen Larkin, the visionary force behind Karenna’s Design Studio, where she reigns as the passionate owner and esteemed founder. With an impressive track record

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Daria Rosen

Evangelist Bertha D. Winston is a Radio Personality where she hosted the Eagle Kind Radio Broadcast on 1340 AM WYCB for the 8 years. The

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Rechard Larkin

Rechard Larkin is a Pastor, Educator, Author, Coach, and Executive who enjoys serving his local community, the youth in general, and the body of Christ

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Deshonda Jennings

DeShonda Monique Jennings is the epitome of Resilience & Leadership. The author, parent & youth advocate and Business Owner’s mission is to help Women launch

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Crystal Mance

Crystal Mance is a Daughter of the King, Mentor, Pastor, Preacher, Conference Speaker and Entrepreneur. Crystal has a Masters degree in Life Coaching and Biblical

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Lena Payton-Webb

Author, Digital Artist, Publisher, Graphic Designer Lena Payton Webb, a published author, digital artist, and retired US Army officer, hails from Detroit, Michigan, with over

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