Evangelist Bertha D. Winston is a Radio Personality where she hosted the Eagle Kind Radio Broadcast on 1340 AM WYCB for the 8 years. The wife of Clifton H. Winston, Jr. for 53 years. She is the proud mother of three adult children, she serves as Secretary, Board Member, Worship Leader and Associate Minister. Board Member for the foreign missions in the Republic of Haiti. She served as Board Member and several other offices for the National Network for Christian Men and Women. She is the Office Manager for a prestigious law firm in the DMV metropolitan area. She is an entrepreneur and own several businesses. She is co-author of 3 Anthologies and has just finished her book “Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt


Finding the courage to push yourself to the limit takes hard work and dedication. All areas of our lives depend on the time we take to get the job done. In these moments, you can determine how you can gain confidence. Staying truthful to your dreams and goals will always lead you to the path of success. Only you can be the one to bring the greatness out of yourself. Now is the time to dig “Deep Within” so you can become the product of your success.


I cannot speak highly enough of Bertha D. Winston. She is a truly remarkable person whose dedication to her faith, her community, and her family is an inspiration to us all.

~ Samantha Gayle

Bertha's expertise in financial planning and credit repair is exceptional. She has helped many clients overcome financial challenges and achieve their goals.

~ Taurea Vision Avant