Lena Payton Webb, an accomplished author and owner of Blu Impressions Designs LLC, hails from Detroit, Michigan, and now resides in Daphne, Alabama. With over 30 years as a graphic artist, she crafts captivating stories and inspiring digital art. Lena’s enchanting creations celebrate the human spirit, offering custom journals, coloring books, and more. Her books are showcased in prestigious retailers like Barnes & Noble and Amazon. As a certified Therapeutic Art Coach, Lena empowers aspiring authors to share their unique narratives. Her journey as a retired Army veteran, devoted wife, and loving mother infuses her work with resilience and compassion. Grateful for her readers, Lena invites them to join her on a creative and inspirational journey, unlocking the potential of art and storytelling together.


🎨 Unleash your creativity and find inner peace through captivating illustrations and thought-provoking prompts in this transformative devotional coloring book. 🌟

💫Designed for Women and Men: This book comes in two versions, tailored specifically to cater to the unique preferences and interests of women and men. Find the edition that resonates with you and embark on a colorful journey of self-discovery.



One of the most endearing qualities of Lena is her genuine engagement with her customers and the design community. She actively seeks feedback, listens to suggestions, and genuinely cares about the experiences of those who use her services.
Samantha G.
Blu Impressions makes book the publishing process so easy and exciting.
T. Hall