Britteny is a published author of Stop The Drama Stop Comparing and Focus On You. Britteny takes pride in her ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life regardless of their past as a counselor and therapist. Britteny has passion based on her own life experiences to dig deep and to help teen girls discover their self-worth and heal from mental and physical abuse. Life’s challenges have paved the way for Britteny to help women find balance in the midst of chaos. Britteny has passion to help women create systems so women can breathe again and gain control or their life

Britteny’s book was written with you in mind to inspire teen girls to become empowered as you navigate life and begin to transition into the next stage of life which is womanhood. This book is filled with knowledge and wisdom to help you through life’s darkest and greatest moments.

Some of what you will learn include:
* You’ll understand the importance of your self-esteem and self-worth
* The importance of focusing on yourself and determining what it is that inspires you


Britteny's first book, "Stop The Drama Stop Comparing and Focus On You," is a testament to her dedication to helping women and teens live a life full of purpose.
Charise M.
Britteny is an inspiration to anyone who wants to live a life of purpose and fulfillment. Her passion, knowledge, and dedication to helping others make her an invaluable resource for women and teens everywhere.
Taurea Vision Avant
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